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Doretta Thomas, author of "Sticks and Stones" (Skraiber Publishing, 2008, $10.95), considers herself victorious... not a victim. This book was written out of her compassion for people and her heartfelt desire to uplift hurting women; particularly those who struggle with the painful and debilitating challenges associated with verbal and emotional abuse. A survivor, Doretta firmly believes that the circumstances that led to the verbal abuse she suffered and the courage she discovered to walk away is a testimony that will encourage women to discover a path toward healing.

"Sticks and Stones" is an impassioned description of the author's journey from hurting to healing. She is a testament to God's Word: "by His stripes we are healed". She gives true hope to all caught in the seemingly hopeless cycle of abusive relationships.

Sandra L. Chaney, author of "From My Heart To His Ear" (Skraiber Publishing, 2008, $14.95), is a woman of God who is living a life to fulfill her divine purpose of serving and inspiring others. She is a licensed minister serving at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the mother of two sons, a speaker, facilitator, community volunteer, and a Customer Care Manager for twenty years. She works to encourage others to seek balance and wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

"From My Heart To His Ear" is a collection of poetry expressing the wonderful experience of God's endless and unconditional love. It includes relevant verses of scripture that highlight the focus of her creative writing. It is also a personal journal which allows the reader to express in their own way what is in their heart.

Kathy J. McDow, author of "Broken Just For You" (Skraiber Publishing, 2007, $14.95), is a woman of God and an ordained minister. She recalled the day that God impressed upon her spirit that she should partake of Holy Communion during prayer time. Though she had participated in both receiving and administering the sacrament corporately, she had never taken Holy Communion alone. She wondered to herself, "What sort of invitation might this be for me to receive Communion in God's presence? What was God calling me to do and how would this simple, yet very powerful act change my life forever?"

"Broken Just For You" is a response to one of God's many invitations for us to come away with Him. Prompted by meditations on God's life-giving Word and actual act of worship through partaking of the Sacraments, these devotionals will cause your spirit to soar as God invites you to a deeper and more abiding relationship in Him.

SkrAiber Authors

Roxanne Wilson, author of "Footprints in the Boardroom" (Skraiber Publishing, 2007) an appellate attorney and President & CEO of RXW, Inc., completed season five of "The Apprentice". She gained rave reviews from Donald Trump, as the first African-American woman to compete in the final four on the NBC hit show. She is a national public speaker who is sought after by women's organizations, Christian groups, colleges, universities, and young professional organizations.

"Footprints in the Boardroom" is more than just an account of Roxanne's prayers during "The Apprentice" show. The book is also a journal converted to conversations with God and prayers. It is her affirmation of the goodness of God, the love and support of family and friends, and the remarkable everyday surprises of faith. Read more about Roxanne by visiting

B. Alexander Wright, author of "Do You Know the ABC's of Your Faith?" (Skraiber Publishing, 2007, $8.00), is a man of God and an ordained minister. He maintains that God's design for our lives is that we grow and mature. The reality is that the process of growth often involves both forward and backward progression. In order for us to begin to make steps toward our growth, we must first have the fundamentals of our faith. Despite the fact that many of us Christians attend church week after week, month after month, and even year after year, we may lack knowledge about the basics of our faith. This lack of knowledge impedes our growth and keeps us from achieving what God has in store for us.

"Do You Know the ABC's of Your Faith?" provides the basics of our faith, so that we can press on to the next level in God's divine plan. As you finish reading this guide of inspiration, you will be able to answer in the affirmative... Yes, I know the ABC's of my faith!

Shirley Lytle, author of "Marriage and the Trifling Things We Do" (Skraiber Publishing, 2006, $14.95), is a sought after expert in the field of marriage enrichment. She is a marriage counselor, public speaker, entrepreneur and woman of God committed to serving married couples. Shirley has made it her goal to help empower married couples and renew the divine excellence within them.

"Marriage and the Trifling Things We Do" was created to encourage open and honest discussions of how to make God's Word alive in our marriages. Why another book on marriage? Good question. The answer is that the average couple at some point needs a little help. The average person will go to the church for help and will not get the help they need. The average Christian will suffer in silence and then divorce in disgrace or denial without seeking support... When we fail to seek wise counsel and wait until the relationship is broken and bleeding, we are committing a trifling act. More about Shirley